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Lederhosen 'Wasi' color: torf

Raised embroidery on front, side & leg. Knife pocket, front and back pockets. Buttons in horn optic. H-Suspenders are included.
Many retailer sale “Lederhosen” made out of cow leather. We from Bavarian Specialties believe only in “Wildbock” goat leather. Our number one goal is to supply our customer with the best and highest quality. Goat leather verses cow means softer and very long lasting. Cow leather is stiff and will rip if stressed. Goat will be soft from the first second you put them on and will last you for the years to come. Waist size is adjustable with a ribbon in the back and gives you about 2.5—3inch extra room.

Imported from Germany

Long Lederhosen

with or without flap.

Lederhose "Gunold" color: black

Men's authentic German imported Plattlerhosen, included adjustable H- Suspenders. Color: Black goat leather with green emboridery. Raised embroidery on front, side & suspender. Knife pocket, front and back pockets. 100% very soft goat leather. This Lederhosen is especially made for Schuhplattler. Customized emboridery available.



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